27 abr, 2021

Helping employees become smarter healthcare consumers

Employers are seeking new ways to manage the rising costs of healthcare. For your self-funded clients in particular, SmartShopper offers a proven approach that encourages employees to make smarter, more cost-conscious healthcare decisions—which, over time, can help these clients lower their overall healthcare spend.

Real rewards promote real behavior change

SmartShopper is a healthcare shopping and savings program that rewards employees for selecting high-quality, cost-effective providers of routine medical tests and procedures, such as ultrasounds, MRIs, and mammograms. Employees who use the SmartShopper service can earn rewards ranging from $20 to $500—based on the overall claims savings. These rewards can help to reduce an employee’s out-of-pocket costs, encourage repeat shopping, and support a more cost-conscious mindset.

Proven engagement, demonstrated results

All Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI) fully insured large and small group plans include SmartShopper, with the exception of HSA-qualified high deductible plans*. For self-funded clients, SmartShopper is available as a plan enhancement—and offers a significant savings opportunity as well.

  • $654 average claims savings per incentive
  • $92 average reward per service**

Plus, SmartShopper offers:

  • Proven engagement - This multi-channel program engages employees, motivates shopping, and redirects them to cost-effective care. SmartShopper delivers tailored messaging based on actual claims data and demographics. BCBSRI further promotes program use and increased engagement by offering employee-ready communications through the BCBSRI employer toolkit.
  • Demonstrated results - SmartShopper empowers employees to become smarter healthcare consumers. Validated by claims data, the program measures actual behavior change that can produce real cost savings, not just website hits.

A simple, seamless user experience

Employees can access the SmartShopper platform through their myBCBSRI account—no need to download an app or remember another username or password. Once logged in, they simply select SmartShopper from the drop-down menu, choose a test or procedure, and compare results. All SmartShopper-eligible providers are indicated by a green box. The potential reward the shopper could earn is displayed as well. If they prefer, employees may also contact the SmartShopper Personal Assistant Team for a 1:1 concierge experience that includes assistance with shopping and scheduling procedures.

Contact your BCBSRI account representative to learn how your clients can get started with SmartShopper.

*El programa SmartShopper es ofrecido por Sapphire Digital, una empresa independiente. Los incentivos están disponibles solo para procedimientos seleccionados. Los pagos son una forma imponible de ingresos. Las recompensas se pueden proporcionar mediante un cheque u otra forma de pago. Los miembros con cobertura de Medicaid o Medicare no son elegibles para recibir recompensas de incentivo con el programa SmartShopper. SmartShopper no está disponible para los planes de salud con alto deducible calificados para una HSA totalmente asegurados de BCBSRI, como BlueSolutions para HSA.

**2019 SmartShopper book of business.

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